okay so the concept of ‘holistic health coach’ has caught your eye. let me guess… 


the health-nut. the person your friends seek out for health advice.

constantly trying out the new wellness fads + diet trends.

looking for new ways, every day, to take care of your body + launch into health hyperspace.

the status quo of medical care gets you FIRED UP and angry. you know there’s something safer + more sustainable than the ‘pill for every ill’ band-aid solutions you see marketed on tv ads.


looking for a fulfilling career where you can OWN your time.

certain that your calling is to help those around you up-level into their greatest potential, body, mind, and soul.

envious of those people you see on social media that have so much freedom to travel + create.

craving more autonomy over how much you earn, how much you impact, and how much you contribute to the world.

Sound like you?



like me!



As I type this, I’m starting my Master’s degree in Nutrition at Harvard.

but, this is where my journey started.

I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2017 with a degree + no plan. I saw all of my classmates funneling off into different corporate careers and I followed suit (no pun intended). It was just a matter of which cubicle had my name on it. We didn’t really question it, but no one was truly happy. sure, we were making more money than we had time to spend at 22 — but that was actually the issue. we had NO time. NO freedom.

We were complacent, but comfort is the enemy of progress. you know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, right here right now.

Personally, I was living a 9-5 nightmare. I had such a calling on my life for something BIGGER. something EPIC. something impactful and world-changing. But, yet, there I was showing up to the same office and plugging away at excel spreadsheets until I was allowed to go home just to wake up and do it all again. I’m sure so many of you can relate.

My particular situation was grim. Picture this, a lifelong vegan who grew up in Asia and didn’t wear shoes until I was 5 cooped up in the all boy’s club of Manhattan finance.

I’d stare out the window wistfully. I’d scroll through exotic destinations on instagram + dream. I’d take my lunch breaks to explore vegan cafes in the West Village and almost cry when it was time to return. The situation got progressively more disheartening until a sexual assault incident shook up the office and terrified me to the core. I had to get out.

I was done trading time for money. I was done asking for permission. When the HR director of the company looked me in the eyes and told me I couldn’t go home for the holidays because i’d exhausted my allotted days off…that was the breaking point.

To this day I don’t remember how I found The Institute of Integrative Nutrition…in fact, I think it found me. Scrolling through the curriculum put a flutter in my ribcage…immediately I knew holistic health coaching was my path. My escape route. Perhaps, my destiny.

I recall long afternoons with one earbud in, blasting lectures on gut health, inflammation, lifestyle medicine whilst I tapped away at my keyboard answering emails and running data sets. The information I was learning was reigniting my passion for life and I couldn’t tear through the lectures fast enough. I aced every quiz. Soaked up every minute of information. Obsessively stalked all of the guest professors online to dive into their research.

(funny to think I’ll be the one producing the research out of Harvard now! how quickly life can change once you signal to the universe that you’ve decided…)



I knew I wanted to be entirely self employed, self sufficient and financially free. I also knew my certification from IIN would be the catalyst I needed to kickstart this growth and abundance. I started taking on private clients, igniting group coaching programs with my health-minded friends (this was nothing new to them, as they had endured years of me geeking out on nutrition, herbalism, and the vegan lifestyle throughout college). With every client ‘win’ I experience, every new finding I researched, every new book I read…I felt alive. And I knew I needed to chase it with my whole heart. All in.

So, I quit my job.

To my family + friends’ shock, I walked away from an incredibly comfortable corporate income to pursue entrepreneurship in the wellness space.

Between my budding coaching career + the joy and freedom I had discovered in my dōTERRA business, I was stepping into peace of mind, freedom, and abundance like I had never experienced before.

I urge you to tune in with your body as you are reading this.

Is there a tug in your heart? Do you resonate with my story? Do you find yourself day-dreaming about a different reality?

honour these feelings.

acknowledge your impulses.

that’s the universe guiding you into the next adventure.

It’s been a freakin’ action-packed year since I graduated from IIN. Filled with new like-hearted friends, travel to the most beautiful corners of our world, and impact beyond what I would have dared ask or imagine.

I’m off to Harvard now and paying for it with my business. But, I recognize that we can’t all follow this path. I’ll admit, applying + getting into Harvard was a privilege that less than 1% of people will have access to.

THAT IS EXACTLY WHY The Institute of Integrative Nutrition fills such an important niche. It’s available to YOU. Right now. On-the-go. Online. Wherever you are. You don’t need to ace the standardized tests or polish your essays. You just need to have an open heart + mind and the willingness to show up and serve people’s highest health + happiness.

I have a feeling you’re going to be incredible.

My journey into the space of health + wellness, online business, and coaching has allowed me to create such a beautiful life by my own design. If you’re reading this worried you ‘can’t do it’, hear me out:

  • The courses + modules imbued me with confidence that I could handle the goals/concerns/dreams of clients from all sorts of backgrounds, preferences, and lifestyles — even though I myself had NEVER coached a person in my life before!

  • The information is so unbiased + broad-spectrum that they equip you to educate and support all sorts of diets, ailments, and curiosities. It’s jam-packed and every module is more fascinating than the last.

  • There’s endless extra-learning resources so if you need to research more, you know exactly where to go. Not to mention, you’ll have endless support from your peers from around the globe in community groups, coaching circles, and intimate practice demo sessions.

  • IIN supports you in the personal and professional growth necessary to jump into online entrepreneurship + attracting your audience — even if you have no background in business or sales. (plus, you’ll have all the support from me and my team as well!)

Each day I am thankful for the courage IIN gave me to step out into my truth and kiss the status-quo (status-no!) goodbye.

Now, the ball is in your court — what’s next for YOU?

Cheers to your next great adventure.

Regan Jayne