meet victoria + regan

a mother daughter duo on a wellness mission

Victoria and Regan Plekenpol are a mother-daughter duo taking the wellness industry by storm. Their company, Own Your Life (ŌYL) International has a presence in over 37 countries and a team of 5000 people who have committed to up-leveling their wealth and their health. As a Blue Diamond leader with dōTERRA, Victoria is based in ShenZhen, China and uses essential oils as a vehicle to empower people to live intentionally and "own their lives" as active creators, not passive consumers. Almost overnight, their team exploded in the China market, and boy does Victoria have some fun stories about making a 7-figure business work in China...hint: it takes some serious GRIT!

At the age of 23, Regan is based in NYC and manages the US operations and creative content. She leads a team of the coolest, industry-disrupting millennials that are moving above the status quo, kissing cubicles goodbye to seek purpose and freedom with their time.

If you vibe with Regan’s team, learn about the OYL Collective

Today, they travel the world together, learning and teaching, and are passionate about natural health education, non-toxic living, and showing people how to step fully into their unique gifts to create a world that works for everyone. Their burning "WHY" behind everything they do is orphan-care in China. They are currently working on a non-profit, adopTERRA, that helps families pay for adoptions, an idea inspired by the adoption of Kailin Grace into their family.