ŌYL Experience

ŌYL Experience


You’ve been hearing all about how essential oils are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD…but you’re a person of proof! You like to experience things before you dive in. Above all, you want the education and tangible strategies before you incorporate something new into your lifestyle and daily routines.

You spoke, we listened!

Introducing…the brand new ŌYL EXPERIENCE

Here’s how it works:

  1. We mail you samples our 8 favourite essential oils for FREE. You only need to cover shipping + handling.

  2. You join us virtually for a LIVE webinar, where we teach you about essential oil science + show you exactly how you use your samples for the next week. You’ll be able to ask any question your heart desires and we’ll be live to answer you.

  3. If you decide you’re ready to introduce essential oils into your world, we’ll help you get set up with wholesale pricing and offer a FREE 1:1 on-boarding call to set up a specific protocol for your health goals/concerns.

Sound good?

Place your order now to make sure you get your products in time for the webinar. It’s MUCH more fun on the call if you can whip out your oils in real-time as we talk about them!

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