side-hustle to six-figures

Let’s chat residual income and conscious entrepreneurship for a second…

So many of you have been reaching out asking me what I am up to (and THANK YOU, by the way, I absolutely love hearing from you — don’t be a stranger) so I finally decided to make a post answering the frequently-repeated question… “what exactly do you DO?”


—I educate + equip you with the tools necessary to naturally up-level your health and show up as your highest self {nourishment, movement, essential oils, and mindset}

—I work with heart-centered leaders to remove blocks, cast a vision for the future they want to see, and step into their vast potential {I coach a team over over 1,000 people, ~20% of which are building their own business alongside me}

—I align with an industry-disrupting, conscious enterprise, dōTERRA, to build a residual income pipeline by authentically sharing something that has rocked my world. #integritymarketing

—I commit to taking daily actions to level-up and consistently add value. Some days this is epic and I feel unstoppable, some days I spike my coffee with coffee and put out fires. Human AF.


I’m on the phone with you, helping you identify and tackle health goals. I’m running from coffee shop to co-working space to shake up the scenery and capitalize on the free wifi. I’m on zoom calls at 2am because half of our team is in Asia. I’m in the weeds, constantly learning about new modalities of healing so I can best serve the people in my health community. I’m writing, speaking, traveling, diffusing oils (duh), whipping up new recipes, teaching essential oil classes (my FAV), and being daily inspired by my incredible team. It’s pretty freaking awesome and I’m grateful every. single. day.

I’m not tied to any physical place — I work from wherever there’s wifi and people to talk to. I don’t have to answer to a “boss” or ask permission — I build this entity in my own zone of genius. My DMs are daily flooded with gratitude, healing testimonies, and excited new leaders — this reminds me WHY I do what I do. I make money while I sleep — I’m building a residual income pipeline so I can work ON my business, not IN it.

The coolest part?

This whole thing started as a side - hustle. (noun. an extra stream of income besides primary employment. often, it’s a passion project or a creative outlet. sometimes, it’s a way to make ends meet while you pursue your life’s calling. these days, we all have ‘em.)

I began loving and using essential oils during my undergrad at Dartmouth and saw potential to begin building what I envisioned to be a ‘safety-net’ income — it was small at first, but more than paid for the doTERRA products I was buying so I was totally content. Fast forward to graduation and a short-lived stint in a corporate environment that was NOT for me. I was frustrated by the lack of autonomy, the long (often-pointless) hours spent staring out the window in a cubicle, and the lack of purpose I felt about my work. Plus, I burned through all my vacation days with my travel addiction in the first 4 months…yikes. I re-calculated my route, pursued my training as a holistic health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and I began health-coaching. I quickly realized what “residual income” meant because I didn’t have it — I was only as good as my last client or the last program I sold. When I wasn’t working, I wasn’t earning. It was exhausting and I knew I’d burn out completely at that rate. It was time to work smarter, not harder and that’s when I really shifted my focus to my fledgling doTERRA business. This was my path to freedom. To solidify my commitment, I quit my 9-5 job as soon as it made an inkling of financial sense. If you know me, you know I’m an all or nothing person so, when I’m in, I’m IN.


I now run my business full-time, live in downtown Manhattan with my best friends, and finance my vegan baked goods addiction. Living. The. Dream. When I committed to building a business with a company that has this kind of financial potential and a mission that aligns perfectly with my values?

Let’s just say it felt like coming home.

I am motivated by the social impact that my hours contribute to, by the fierce women I work with that aren’t afraid to glow, and because I know that what I’m doing is SO much bigger than me. As a society, we are on the brink of some major shifts. We see a world that isn’t working and we are moving daily towards one that does — and one that works for EVERYONE.


this business model is the future. 1 in 2 millennials has a side hustle. we recognize that multiple streams of income is intelligent, we see the corporate model shifting with the surge of the gig economy, we see potential to work smarter, not harder, and are sick of trading our time for money. we crave time freedom, location independence, and financial security. we crave creative outlets and autonomy. we crave diversity, purpose, and impact. we have evolved since the generations before us — so we’re doing this “work” thing differently, too.

ethical is the new black. let’s talk about what I call “millennial supply chains” (a.k.a our generation is putting our foot down and demanding that this footprint be smaller.) we expect transparency and responsibility from the businesses we consciously recirculate money to. we expect ethical treatment of animals + people all across the supply chain. we invest in non-toxic products that are eco-friendly, organic, natural — but ACTUALLY all of those things (we see right through hollow marketing, don’t we?) corporate social responsibility is a minimum expectation — companies without a heart are not going to be able to keep up with us (and we’re moving fast). Conscious consumerism, as I have said, is “in” and we are not allowed to play dumb anymore. Our choices MATTER. Our decisions, actions (and in-actions) are daily votes towards the world we want to see.

This is why I chose to align with doTERRA as my vehicle {I have so many posts about their commitment to purity, transparency, and thoughtful, local humanitarian initiatives across the word. (keyword: thoughtful. none of that “voluntourism” here, friends). if this piques your interest, head to SOURCE TO YOU to learn more about co-impact sourcing — it’s game changing and it’s shifting the entire industry (which is currently toxic, exploitative, and environmentally devastating).

health care is at a tipping point and people are recognizing that we are missing the point. we are collectively moving back to our roots, to the tools that nature has already given us. we are tired of the cycle of dependency on pharma {what, with the meds for the side-effects of our meds…} and want to feel empowered to take our health into our own hands. we are seeing the disastrous consequences of our society’s current habits {the Standard American Diet (SAD), the toxins in our air, food, products, and water, the sedentary lifestyles + chronic acute stress (hello, cortisol my old friend), and our social dissociation} and we know something has to give.

if healthcare were simple, what would it look like? Imagine that 80% of your daily needs/concerns were covered by a safe and natural option that you had at your fingertips, right in your home. tension, digestive issues, mood + stress, rest, detox, weight management, common colds/flus, skin-care, and other “basics” can be completely handled with proactive lifestyle choices, essential oils, diet, and other natural healing modalities. I’m serious, you don’t need to keep buying pain killers and blasting your body with toxins. don’t believe me? don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself. that leaves 20% for the experts that are saving lives in the western healthcare model (we need those guys desperately, but not nearly as often as we call on them!) When we need an acute medical intervention, don’t we want it to work? Imagine how empowering it would feel to OWN your health, naturally and proactively.

P.S. sustainability is tres chic. when you make a shift away from toxic chemical products (that you buy monthly in giant plastic, non-recyclable containers) and start re-using and making your own home-cleaning, kitchen-cooking, body-healing, skin-saving, you-name-it products, you’ll make a significant impact on your consumption and contribution to the global garbage problem. #zerowaste

so here’s the deal. most people aren’t even aware of how GOOD they are meant to feel. Our natural state is vibrant, glowing health, not dis-ease. so if you’re reading this, it’s NOT too late. you deserve to wake up with energy, to pursue a career with passion, to feel confident in your own skin, to have tools that work to manage your stress + emotions, to experience financial wellness and prosperity without selling your soul, to work in a like-minded community of people committed to the absolute best for themselves, their families, and the planet.

that’s you, right? that’s why you’re reading this. if I’ve learned anything on this journey, it’s that nothing important happens by accident.


You might have seen this growing community on my social media, but what are we exactly?

We are a community, a collective, of like-hearted, like-minded conscious entrepreneurs who have taken a lateral step out of the status quo to own our health and own our wealth. We come from totally diverse backgrounds, but have all landed right here right now. If you’re wondering, the OYL stands for Own Your Life — and it’s clever AF because our business is based on sharing essential OILS (hehe). We are building uncapped residual incomes by sharing natural solutions authentically and enthusiastically. We are hustling in the short term because we have a long-term vision for the lifestyle and impact we want to have. We are action-oriented, purpose-driven, and put people first. Ultimately, it starts with YOU and your health by design. Take a second to visualize how you want to feel {in your body, in your career, in your relationships, in your finances…}. The truth is: it’s not a pipe dream to live an abundant, extraordinary life. It just takes a choice to take a step every single day to work towards that vision that just popped into your minds-eye. That’s the truth of you — believe that.

I personally took this gig from a side-hustle to a six-figure income in 2 years. As my equinox trainer says, short term pains for long term gains….oof. If you’re wondering if this is for you, it is. It’s as fast and furious as you’re willing to go, as big and powerful as you’re willing to take it, and as exciting as you are willing to make it.

Imagine a business that works for you, instead of the other way around. Imagine a freedom lifestyle and the ability to travel, GIVE, lead, learn, and earn in bigger ways than you ever thought possible.

We have reverse engineered one of the most successful (and fastest growing) network marketing businesses on the planet so that all you need to do is insert YOU (and all the unique passions, strengths, relationships, ideas, creativity, personality that come with you). We create our trainings + content so that they work for ANYONE, whether they had experience or not. When you work with us, you’ll have every single thing you need to get your doTERRA business up and running... With none of the guesswork, trial-and-error, or expensive time-wasting that usually goes into building a successful biz. We’ll set goals that give you goosebumps. We’ll master the art of soulful selling. We’ll unlock the best strategies to share and teach as well as how to attract and nurture a rockstar team. And best of all? We do it together, as a collective.


So, maybe you’re jazzed right now. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking “wow, this is so me where has this been all my life???” (I mean, you’ve made it this far and I can be pretty wordy when I’m on my consciousness soapbox.) If I don’t already know you, I’d love to meet you. If you’re on my team, thanks for the encouragement and support. If you’re my pal and you’re curious, call me.

Don’t wait to live a life you’re obsessed with. No one is going to give you “permission” — you have to take it. You have to step boldly in the direction of the life you want. If you’re ready to run, I’m here to hustle right alongside you. Lace em up, let’s hit it.

Regan Plekenpol