Let’s talk GOALS with SOUL | ✨

we left the dōTERRA mastermind summit in Hawaii with a glow inside + out and guess what? it’s not even the end of January and we’ve already ripped up our ‘goals’. rogue? possibly, but we’ve chosen to live on the edge in 2019. 😉 

yup, rebel with a cause over here. 👈 

It’s still the beginning of the year, so we naturally feel like our pace should be a million miles an hour. Running on all cylinders, fueled by caffeine and peppermint oil. New year, fresh start, why wouldn't we sprint to our goals faster than Usain Bolt?

But before we take off running, we took a {counterintuitive} step back to figure out what we are really chasing this year. And lemme tell you, this had us feeling more in tune and lighter than ever. A collective sigh of relief. 

Take a second and put one of your ‘goals for 2019’ in the center of your mind. 💭

how does hitting that goal feel to you?

now, how does taking the necessary steps to get there over the next 12 months feel? the daily actions, the learning, the creating. 

how does saying ‘no’ to all other options in service of hitting that goal feel? 

do you vibe with the lifestyle that will be required of you to hit this goal? 

Is your schedule spacious and filled with joy? 

do you fist-bump your soul every night because you rocked another day? 

are you making a dent in the universe?

really feel it out with me, pals. visualization is powerful!

If you’re feeling lit up and excited — power on my friend! 👊🏼but if your goals are leaving you with an icky, uncertain feeling…it might be time to rip them up and re-write them with radical INTEGRITY + ALIGNMENT.

If you’re ready to shake up your cells in 2019 and make some big changes, this is your answer. I promise you: when your GOAL takes the form of inspired action aligned with your SOUL, it’s pure.bliss.

Committing to GOALS with SOUL will free you up to…

⭐️ get clarity on how you really want to feel and what you’re really here to create {remember, GOOD feels better than SHOULD — where you can, ditch the unnecessary obligation}

⭐️ make decisions for your body from a place of self-love, not ego {you won’t eat the processed-sugar, HFCS, self-emulsified junk because you know that’s not how you thrive and show up as your highest self…not because of a daunting ‘number’ on the scale}

⭐️ be hyper-inspired and productive, getting more done in less time and making space for play. PLUS, you allow it to feel good, guilt-free! {you have permission to dance around your kitchen with your kids, to spend solo time in nature, to read books that inspire you — not for “personal development” for your business, but for you.}

⭐️ let ‘NO’ be a complete sentence and not beat yourself up about it. {you’ll have the intuition to distinguish between opportunities + distractions and you’ll decline with confidence, grace, and posture}

⭐️ love yourself so fiercely that you don’t actually requite approval from a single soul — you’re gonna unapologetically do you, because you’ve had a heart-to-heart with your soul and it knows just what to do. {You’ll speak, move, create, work, and respond to life from this space.}

These are goals that don’t make you feel like an instant failure because they are truly yours on a soul-cell level. Not the thing that you ‘think you should be doing’ because of that article you read, or your friend’s advice, or your ego’s striving. These are goals with soul. 

now, I wanna hear all about ‘em in the comments below!

Regan Plekenpol