Are You a Broke Health Coach?

Yoga Teacher? Energy Worker? Business Coach? Personal Trainer? Influencer? Motivational Speaker? Insert-wellness-industry here?

I know you. Because I was you.

You have the passion, skills, and determination to go online and live that laptop lifestyle…but…the finances are just a little tight. You trust in your vision. You’d never quit because the world needs the genius you have to offer. But what if something epic came around that complemented your purpose + added an abundant additional income stream?

You’re BUSY. It would need to be fairly low maintenance, but VERY high vibe.

Of course, you’d only entertain an extraordinary offering because you wouldn’t settle for anything less for the clients/community/audience you’re building.

Sustainable, cruelty/toxin-free, and environmentally friendly is a non-negotiable. Duh. It’s Gen Z, baby.

Alignment is the assignment for you. (for all of us). Again, I know you because I know the people I bring into my orbit — they freakin’ rock.

You are a conscious consumer and love to contribute to something bigger than yourself. You’re an avid supporter of social impact brands and have a feeling in your soul that you were born to be a key player in a movement that is revolutionary and disruptive (the good kind!) You want to shake things up in the way business is done in our generation.

You want to earn + give in bigger ways that you ever thought possible. You want your ‘work’ to be in service of the people and planet you love. You’re a social entrepreneur at heart.

Oh, and you’d need to be in community with other world-changing, energetic, badass people that can keep up with your dreamin’

May I be so bold?

This is the break you’ve been looking for.


Your 'Laptop Lifestyle' Is Waiting For You...


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